HiScript ii U+ One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit

Product Description

The dUTP / UDG anti-contamination system is a highly efficient means of controlling contamination of PCR amplification products. In PCR detection reagents using DNA as a template, it has gradually become a mandatory standard. However, the commonly used E. coli UDG still has high activity at the usual reverse transcription temperature (42-55 ℃), which will degrade the cDNA, reducing the sensitivity of One Step RT-PCR / qPCR.

HiScript® II U + One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit contains an optimized mixing ratio of dUTP / dNTP and thermolabile UDG derived from psychrophilic marine bacteria. Heat labile UDG has high activity at room temperature and can completely degrade U-containing double-stranded DNA during the mixing process of the reaction system. When the reaction system is heated to 50-55 ° C (the optimal reaction temperature for HiScript® II), the heat-labile UDG is rapidly and completely inactivated, maintaining the integrity of the cDNA and ensuring that detection sensitivity is not affected.

Supports multiple probe detection;

UDG Anti-Pollution System: Heat-labile UDG rapidly degrades U-containing double-stranded DNA contaminants at room temperature. Heat labile UDG is rapidly and completely inactivated at 50-55 ° C to maintain cDNA integrity;

Ultra-high detection sensitivity – single digit template copies or 0.1 pg total RNA can be detected
Ultra-high amplification specificity: AceTaq® DNA polymerase based on chemical hot start, enzymatic activity completely blocked before 95 ° C and equipped with a proprietary Exactor specific promoting factor, which makes the amplification more specific;

Store at: -20 ℃

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